Sunday, August 16, 2009


My office is so cluttered. I clean it up once a week & the magazines, store flyers, recipes etc.. seem to appear out of nowhere. Lately I feel overwelmed about trying to keep up with it all. We were going to have a yard sale in Sept (or at least talked about it), but now hubs is saying that we should wait till next year. I already gathered some stuff for the yard sale & now stuff is accumulating down in the garage. Just really want to get the house organized & keep everything in its place.


jennie.newland said...

I feel your pain! I clean and clean and organize and organize and it always seems to end up the same way it was when I started! If you find the secret to getting up all the clutter, please let me know!

Carolyn said...

I hear you! I'm always trying to get things organized around here. My husband is a *huge* pack rat. I sneak things over to the good will when he's gone ;)

Stopping by from SITS!

tammy said...

The best thing to do to help with that is get all the clutter out of your house! If you don't need it or LOVE it, out it goes. I vote for a September yard sale with a charity donation the following Monday. Let it all'll feel incredibly lighter. :)

(stopping by from SITS to say "Good Morning!!")