Thursday, July 31, 2008

Doggie Diva

I was in Christmas tree shop yesterday at the check out line & a woman pulled up in the next lane. I noticed she had a tiny dog in the front of her shopping cart. She was a total diva (the doggie). She had on a dress, rhinestone collar/necklace & a bow on her head. I never saw a doggie diva in person. Only Paris carrying them on tv. So I was all excited & got a pic. The cashier probably thought I was crazy. But I love finding things to blog about.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daddy long legs don't belong in our house

This is the 2nd 1 I've seen in the kitchen. There's tons up here. I see at least 1 a day, usually outside. I know that they're harmless, but they really creap me out. He was under the cabinets.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hula Hooping

I just started hula hooping about a month ago to burn some calories. I'm not too good at it yet, but need to keep practicing. We were at the park about a month ago & saw 2 woman sitting on a bench, eating an ice cream & they each had a hula hoop sitting next to them. I think they might exercise at the park with the hoops? Maybe I can start a hula hooping group. haha.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Yum of the day

My friend Courtney gave me some gifts along with Tara's b-day presents from Bath & Body works & I'm really into the Sheer Freesia body lotion. It smells so good & the scent stays with you all day.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weird spider webs

The other day we woke up to some weird circle spider webs out front on the grass. There were about 5 or 6 of them. I was joking saying I wonder if we have a giant spider in the yard. It looked so weird. It's hard to see in the pics. It looked better from inside, in the living room.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tara's 12 month doc appointment 7-23

She now weighs 19 lbs, 2 & 1/2 oz (25%)
29 & 1/2 inches long (50%)
45.4 cm head (50%)
She had 2 shots & a prick in the finger to see if she's anemic. She is slightly anemic, but nothing to worry about. She cried a lot, but stopped pretty quickly. We went shopping after, so that cheered her up.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I hate roadwork

There's tons of roadwork going on in our area. 3 different spots. I hate heading in that direction now. I'm hoping to go shopping today, but am kind of dreading driving there. I have no patience & don't like traffic much. Hopefully they'll be done soon.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Birth story

I thought I'd include Tara's birth story while I'm at it today. For those of you who haven't read it on Myspace.

Everything started on Thursday night/Friday morning, the 19th/20th. Before I went to bed I noticed lots of mucus. I was wondering if it was the mucus plug. I went to bed at 11:30 & woke up at 1:30. I went down to the bathroom & went. I peed & stopped & more came out & then more. I noticed a little bit of spotting. I was like yay finally. I had thought my water broke, but it wasn't pouring out. I did read that it could just be a dribble. I ran upstairs & woke Anthony. Then came downstairs & called my doc office. They have an answering service. A few min later the doc on call at the hospital called. He said to wait & see if I have more water coming out. To go back to bed. So I did, but couldn't sleep. I noticed more blood like I had my period. By then I was having cramps & knew they were contractions. I tried the breathing. I laid in bed in pain. I ended up calling the doc office again in the morning & my doc called back. I told her about the blood & she said to come in. We left after 8am & got there before 9. It took about 15 min to get there. They checked me in & my doc came in & checked me over. She said I was 2-3 cm dialated. She said something about a pollyp, but wasn't sure. I was having bad low back pains. The nurse gave me water with ice to wake the baby up & told me to walk to get the contractions going. We'd walk up & down the hall. My back hurt so bad. I guess it was back labor, but they never said that. I'd have to stop focus & breathe. I also walked around my room. I hadn't eaten since 7:30 that morning. So they gave me some chicken bullion & yellow jello & tea. My parents came to visit. I threw up twice. I was shivering uncontrolably. I read that, that might happen & it's normal. I had diarhea all day. Also normal. I tried to sleep, but had to keep opening my eyes to breathe & focus. Everytime I started breathing Anthony would ask me a question. My parents did the same thing. My back was hurting so bad. It was hard to lay on my back. Finally at 4pm they said I was dialated 5cm & could give me an epidural. I was real worried about it & nervous. The guy gave me a novicane shot. It hurt. It was like a pinch, but didn't last long. They he did the epidural needle. That really hurt. I got a pain & ache, but again it was just a real quick pain. I laid back down & didn't feel anything. It worked real quick. I was totally numb & drugged out. It was so nice. I was real thursty, but by then they said I could only have ice cause of the epidural. I changed possitions a few times. Well they moved me. When I moved to my right side it made my dialating go down. So they moved me back on to my left side. At 11:00pm I started pushing. It was the nurse on my right & Anthony on my left. He had 1 leg & she had the other. My right leg was so heavy. At 1 point I was holding on to my leg & my hand was going numb cause it was so heavy. I pushed for 2 hrs & 40 min. They put a mirror in front of me so I could watch the baby's head. Towards the end it was real hard. I was running out of breath & energy. Anthony kept feeding me ice. I was so hot & thirsty. The nurse took my temp towards the end & I had a fever of 100 degrees. I pushed more & after I heard the heart monitor going crazy. The nurse told me to take a deep breath. I could see the right side of my chest pulsating. That was real scary. The doc came in. She said that she thought I was gonna rip, so she wanted to do a epesiodomy. I wasn't thrilled about it, but at this point I really wanted the baby out. She also said it wasn't good for the baby that I had a fever. She did the epesiodomy & I pushed as hard as I could a few times & she came out. They had told me ahead of time that she already had a bowel movement inside me. So they didn't want her to take a breath. They said they'd take her right away & try to clean out her mouth. Of course when she came out she did cry right away. But she was okay. The doc stitched me up. They weighed her & handed me my beautiful daughter.

My Baby is 1 today

Hard to believe, but a year ago today I gave birth to Tara. The year went so fast & she's getting so big. Here's a few older pics. She looks so different now than she did. She's much cuter now. haha.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I screwed up my page

I decided to change my background to 1 I really liked. I ended up deleting everything I had on the side. I re-added everyone's blogs (if for some reason I didn't add you let me know. I might have missed you), but don't like the way it's set up now. I have re-do them the way I had them. I'm gonna leave them for now. I have to re-add other stuff. I lost my counter. I'm bummed. For the record I had 111 in 2 weeks, I had just added it. haha. I'm gonna prob add that again too, but will have to start over. It sux. I got a lot done today. Housework & stuff for the party & just wanted to sit & relax for a little while & now I have more work to do & am bummed out.

Fave new store

I just started going to Dollar tree. Mostly to get party stuff. But I really like the store a lot. A lot of dollar stores have junk & are messy, but D tree is clean & neat & has some nice stuff. I got 2 really cute gift bags. They have tons, yes for $1. I also went to Big Lots once recently & like that store a lot & will start going there more often. We found a Maine store that is similar called Renys. Anything to save $ these days. It's funny we kept asking is this a dollar? We just couldn't get the concept of things being only a dollar.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I finally finished Tara's 1st scrapbook. My cool pal Cindy made it for me. I've known her since the 80's. It was my 1st 1, so it's not perfect. Everyone at her party is gonna sign the inside covers. I'm gonna start a new 1 for her next week. I have tons of photos to get printed. I need a new printer.