Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Valentine Swap update

I know some of you e mailed me about being interested in doing the Valentine swap. I got in on this swap. The girl running it, Heidi has re-opened it till Jan 3rd. So you can still join in. Check out her blog for more info. It will be a lot of fun.

My new blog


I started a new blog. I know, another 1? I've decided to do the 365 project. I'll be taking a photo a day. I prob won't get to add 1 everyday. I might add a few at a time. You all know how much I love photos & I pretty much take pics everyday anyway. A few girls on a Cafemom group are also taking the challenge with me. I have their blogs on my list of Blogs I'm following. Please check out their blogs too & leave them comments. I'll be starting tomorrow, New years day.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New things this year

I got into a few new things this year. The main 1 was scrapbooking. I'm also starting to get crafty & want to get into making cards & stamping. I'd love to get into some crafting groups & meet some new people & maybe sell some of the stuff 1 day online. I also got into vintage stuff this year. Also getting mags from the library. I'm a magazine junky, so I'm having lots of fun with it. My fave new thing from this year was starting a blog & blog surfing. The bad thing is that almost every blog I look at, I love. So have like 200 blogs saved to check out. I've met a lot of really nice blogger friends this year.

Monday, December 29, 2008

holiday party

I went to a holiday party in the Newcomer's club. The house was really nice & up for sale. I just found some pics of it online. The house is only $600,000+. Anyone interested? haha. This house has 4 bedrooms & 3 & 1/2 bathrooms. I know I sometimes complain about the snobby W. people, but it is fun hanging out at mansions & a lot of the people I've met are really nice. I've only actually been to 1 mansion so far & this awesome house. I'm hoping someday I can feature different houses in my town in my blog.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Valentine swap

I'd love to do a Valentine swap. Does anyone know if there's any going on? Maybe I can host it if no one is having 1. I know it's early, but wanting to start planning for it. I've never done 1, so I don't really know how it works.
Oh, I thought I'd add to this blog. It's kind of like the Christmas swaps that people were doing. I was bummed out that I missed out on them. We can swap Valentine things. I know they have a lot of cute heart things out for V'tine's day. We could swap cute notepads, nailpolish, candles etc.. We would somehow each get 1 person to swap with. That's the part I'm not sure how it would work. I guess it depends on how many people decide to do it.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

gifts & after X-mas things

I got this s'book stuff from my old roomie, Renee & a few things from my sis

My friend Peg in VA sent me this awesome shirt. I love it. I'd love to make a pillow out of it someday.
I got this bag to carry my s'booking stuff when I go to the s'booking club. I got a $30 gift card to Target. That's what I got with it.

I got these wicker baskets at X-mas tree shop. I got some more different 1s for my closet to put my clothes in.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy eve of the eve

We're getting ready for Christmas. Just a little bit more of wrapping to do. Tara is sick with a cold & coughing & has a drippy nose. So she's been real grumpy. Hubs is getting out of work early tomorrow & getting the food for Thursday. We have friends coming over to exchange presents tomorrow night. We're gonna just order a pizza since we're cooking & having family over on X-mas day. We're making homemade manicottis for X-mas day. I'll be making pretzel hugs tomorrow. I got the candy cane Hershey kisses. They are soooooo good. I'm gonna use them for the hugs. I'll really be glad when it's all over.

Monday, December 22, 2008

pajama day

Today we had a pajama day. We both stayed in our pjs all day. It was fun. This icicle was outside hanging over our deck this morning.

I figured since we were having a pj day we'd have breakfast for lunch. That's egg nog.

You should have seen me walking down our crazy hill driveway, that's covered in snow, in my striped pjs & my spiffy new boots & coat & scarf, to get the mail. I was hoping none of the neighbors would be out. Whew, I didn't see anyone. These are some of the X-mas cards we got so far.

I made some X-mas place setting cards. I know, they didn't come out too great. Hey, I'm new to being crafty. I might add something to them. Just not sure what yet.

I wrapped some X-mas presents while T was napping & she unwrapped a few of them when she got up. Ugh.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

weekend photos

Friday. I got a package from my ex-roomie, Renee in MI. I'm going to try to wait till X-mas eve to open it.

Saturday. Tara posing with a bow on her head

At Circuit city. I got a new printer. yay. I haven't had 1 for a year now.

Got my white hot choc.

Sunday. I thought Anthony looked cute cleaning off my car. That's a hat, not a headband.