Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Queen of multi-tasking

Not so much anymore. I use to be really good at multi-tasking. Hubs is late tonight (his company is finally having their Christmas party tonight. It was cancelled 2 times). Tara didn't nap & I was running in the kitchen trying to cook, going back & forth to my office trying to do some computer stuff & doing crafts with T. I had Tara bring her little table into my office & was helping her do a craft. It got me thinking back to when I use to work & use to be really good at multi-tasking. It's a bit harder these days, but I multi-task 24 hrs a day. I think most Moms do. I'm the type of person that can't sit still. I will sit on the couch, but will be writing out the meal plan for the next week, writing out the food list, writing blog ideas (I do a lot of writing with an actual pen. I always have a pen in my hand) & making a lot of lists. That helps be more organized & helps me get more things done at once.

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Adriana Iris said...

glad we found each others blogs =)