Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March goals

I can't believe that it's March already. Wasn't it just New year's eve? I've made a list of my goals for March.

1.) Read 1 book. I have Accidental Housewife from the library. I've read like 4 pages so far. So I'm hoping to finish it.

2. ) Continue Spring cleaning & get rid of more stuff.
I'm doing the challenge on Making Lemonade's blog. I'm hoping that will inspire me

3.) Organize more. I want to get all my drawers & scrapbooking things organized & in order.
4.) Answer all the e mails that I have. I'm horrible with answering e mails lately.

5.) Donate some clothes. I'm getting rid of my skinny girl clothes.

6.) Go shopping alone.

7.) Do 10 scrapbook pages

8.) Go to bed earlier. By 10:00pm every night.

9.) Figure out what I want for my inner wrist tattoo. I know I want Tara's name, but don't know if I want Tara Rayne (her middle name) & also her footprints from the hospital. I want her footprints too, but I might get them on my ankle seperate from her name.

10.) Get my next tattoo.
11.) Get a blog make-over. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but haven't found a blog designer that is reasonably priced yet.


blueviolet said...

A 10 pm bedtime sounds magnificent.

Candace said...

I am having a hard time meeting my goals this year. I find myself a bit scattered these days. I hope that I can get focused better when spring rolls around....if it every does. :)