Friday, March 4, 2011


Tara has done 2 sessions of gymnastics. She has 1 more week left & will be all done. I'm kind of glad. She really likes it, but there's so many germs there & lots of the kids get sick from being there. We both had the flu from being there for 1 of the birthday parties that she went to there. She'll be doing swimming lessons over the Summer & then I think she'll do dance in the Fall.

Update: Yes, the kids get sick from being at the gym. They have the flu every other week & it's from being there. We went to a party & the girl working there, had to run off to clean up some throw up. She came back & helped out with the party. The next night I was up throwing up & then Tara was the next day. Then I found out that every kid at the party also had the flu. That's about 10 kids. My friend's kids get sick after they go there too.


Making It Work Mom said...

How do you know the kids are sick from being there? I just thought it was interesting that you made that jump. I agree that they are probably not the most sanitary places, but neither is Target or the grocery store. Both my girls take gymnastics (two different gyms) and we have not been sick at all.
Good luck with swimming - we will probably pick that up in a couple of months too

AB HOME Interiors said...

Cute photo. Unfortunately I agree with Making it work mom. Those germs are everywhere, especially this time of year. But swimming is a lot of fun too!