Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Happy List


The 1st thing on My Happy List for the week is Tara's potty training. She's been using the potty for a week. Things went so great. She actually went potty at our friend's house a few times today. Yay.

(This is her on the potty)

We decided on a pre-school. She starts on Jan 7th. She has 4 friends that go there. Fun times. I was thinking last night, that I can actually do my pilates video while she's in school. After the 1st few weeks, Anthony will be dropping her off at school & I will pick her up. So I can exercise & get some housework done on Fridays.

I'm also so glad that Christmas will be over soon & things can get back to normal. We've been so busy & so much going on. I just want to be able to relax. I'm starting to feel like this guy.

I've seen that lots of the Country has been getting snow storms. I'm greatful that we haven't had any so far. I know it will be coming soon & I'm sure we'll make up whatever we didn't already get.


Aubrey S. said...

Great Happy List. I love the snow heart.

Jessica said...

I was just thinking this a.m. "Christmas is fun for kids but stressful for adults - no fair". Stopping by from SITS

Mamarazzi said...

i hear ya on the Christmas stress, fun for the kids tho.

congrats on the potty training.