Thursday, December 16, 2010

CSN stores review

Since I'm a preferred blogger for CSN stores . I got to do another review. This time we got Tara a bed rail. We just put a new rug in her room & set up her twin size bed. We got her new sheets & bedding, but it's kind of big & she's not use to such a big bed yet. So we got her this really cute bed rail, so she will feel safe. It has a pocket for her books & a pocket for "her stuff". Also on the inside of the rail there is a cup holder & 2 tiny pockets.

It was somewhat easy to put together. My husband did that. He had a little trouble in the beginning & then he figured it out. It's so strange seeing my little girl in a big bed.

I really love CSN stores because they have so many great things to choose from & such a great variety.


Kelly said...

Those bed rails are really fantastic!

Nichole said...