Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meal planning

I'm going to start meal planning every week. I've been thinking about it for a while, but 1 of my friends was telling me that she does it & she also buys the Sunday paper for coupons. We're going to do that too. I've been finding all kinds of deals online & on blogs.


Chris said...

I don't plan daily meals but I do plan meals. When I grocery shop I make a list of the meals I want to eat in a two week period, get all the supplies and then I have everything I need to make whatever meal I choose. It works great for us and then I make a lot less trips to the store which saves a lot of money.

Staci said...

I try to meal plan and I see that I spend less at the grocery store when I do. I try to map out a bunch of meals and while I don't always stick to the panned day, I still have enough meals in the house to last until my next grocery shop. Good luck! Stopping by from MBC

Mary said...

I started planning our meals one week at a time about two years ago. In addition to a week's worth of meals, I have a couple of quick meals (usually a frozen entree or pantry meal) that we can throw together quickly if we end up running behind or are in a rush one night. I find it helps us eat out less if there's a plan (even if we don't always follow it).