Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March~Spring cleaning

Happy March everyone. Spring isn't far away. Really it isn't. I started doing some Spring cleaning & will be doing more the next few weeks. Gave away some Glamour & Cosmo mags, my old computer desk, some perfumes & body sprays & 5 purses on Freecycle since Friday. I got some craft mags, a few rubber stamps & a scrapbooking tool. My bathroom cabinet is looking pretty good, but I do have more things to get rid of. It makes me feel good giving things to people. The way the economy is, everyone can use some help & getting free things is awesome.


Bee and Rose said...

I just started doing my spring cleaning! It just makes everything feel fresh! (Check out The Sweet Jelly Bean's blog...she has some great cleaning products!) I am posting about this also this week!

Happy Spring to you!

Laura said...

I am so looking forward to Spring and I have also started my cleaning and organizing. Maybe by starting now I am really hoping Spring gets here earlier!

Rosie said...

Don't you love freecycle? I gave away and got some really cool stuff from it! Anyway, thanks for the comments on my card and pb&j page on my blog! I have to say, I think that is my favorite L/O so far! And the card that says "mom" was supposed to be for mother's day but my mom liked it so much I gave it to her for her birthday!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I've got to find out more about this "freecycle" thing! Sometimes I just put some things out in a box by the street and people will take it. Usually I just drop things by Goodwill.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

You have such a great outlook on life! I love how you looking ahead and picking up your house in anticipation of spring.

Once you are done with your place, do you want to come over to mine? I could really use a bit of your inspiration and industriousness here in California. :)


Rae Ann said...

Dude. Want to come to my house? I am spring cleaning, too - but with much less joy in my heart! I am doing the frantic-pre-house-listing cleaning. Not fun.

Good for you for finding new homes for your old stuff! I am giving all of my stuff to a garage sale to benefit a family adopting from Ethiopia.