Monday, March 16, 2009

1 of those days

1st I went to a grocery store that I hate. I got to the deli dept & there were like 20 people standing there. I took a #, it was 100. They were on like 81. Finally they were on 98 & I told T that we were getting close. Then all of a sudden they call 99 & then double 0. Then 01, Um wait hello, what about #100? So I step fwd & say I have 100, the woman gives me a dirty look & asks what I want. As I stepped up they had called 02 & the woman next to me got mad cause she served me before her. She had 02. Is it me or would you think that they had started all over at 0 & skipped 100? It took me a minute to catch on that double 0 is 100. How dumb is that? So I was in a bad mood. Tara had on my pink headband & I noticed it was missing, so I had to back-track where we were, luckily there it was on the floor. So I left there & stopped at McDonald's to get a Shamrock shake. We went in cause the drive thru' line was too long. I never do drive thru's. So I ask for a Shamrock shake & the girl says we don't have any, we already sold out of them. Everyone everywhere is out of them because we sold so many. What? I prob looked like I was gonna cry. So I left, heartbroken. I'm waiting for some coupons from a coupon swap. She mailed them like a week & a half ago, so I got the mail & they weren't there. I'm hoping they are really on the way & she didn't screw me over. So I drive up the driveway & the bag I left out for the girl, who was picking them up is still sitting on my front steps. So that got me madder. She did end up coming 2 hrs after she said she would. Then I decide to make lunch & was gonna have some cinnamon crumpets that I just bought today. I put 2 in the toaster oven & go to put the rest in a plastic bag & noticed that underneath they have blue mold all over them (well 1 of them). So I took the others out of the toaster & thru' them all away. The last thing is I attempt to paint T's nails green for the St Patty's day party tomorrow. She's usually really good & blows on them & waves them in the air. Today she kept touching them & got them on her shirt, new bib, my sweater & her nose. So they're a total mess. Calgon take me away.


Cammie said...

oh has to get better from here right?

Kerri said...

Oh, I'm sorry you have had such a bad day! I hope it get's better for you!

Rachael said...

i hope the day gets better!