Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Middle names

I've been thinking about middle names lately. I'll just say that mine starts with an M & I don't like it much. It is after my Godmother, who I really haven't seen since I was 17. I ran into her once in the mall & we talked. I still miss her. Long story. Anthony wanted to named Tara after his Grandmother. Her name was Carmella. She was a really really nice lady, but I just didn't want her to have that as a middle name for the rest of her life. We could have also named her after my really really nice Grandmother Edith too. I never mentioned that to him. So we ended up naming her Tara Rayne. Just because I liked it & thought it sounded nice together. I really wanted to name her Taryn, but he hated it & then wanted to name her Tara Jade, but he also hated Jade & thought it sounded like a stripper name. So I don't know if she'll think Rayne is a cool middle name or hate it & refer to it as just R, like me with just M. I know most people don't even use their middle name, but I think I would if I liked it. Like on Myspace or Facebook. Some people do that. What I'm wondering is do most people hate their middle names too?


Cammie said...

I dont hate mine even if 1 million other girls my age have it. Mine is after my grandmother. said...

Popping over from Mamarazzi. You were the commenter above me today!

I used to loathe my middle name when I was a kid. I was named after my grandmother's maiden name - Ryan. I thought it was a boy's name and I cringed every time a teacher called roll on the first day of school.

Now that I am an adult the name means a lot to me. My grandmother is gone and since she came from a family of all girls (also gone now), I am the only one left to carry that family name. I will give it to my first little girl.

So even if she hates it at first, she might grow up to love it some day.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I like my middle name, it's oldfashioned (Rose). I think your daughter's middle name is very pretty! Just right to be a bit uncommon without being weird.