Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A few things from today

Well I did a bunch of errands today. Shopping & other things. I went to AC Moore & spent way too much. I'm banning myself from shopping for a while. I got a Shamrock shake finally. It was Tara's 1st shake & she loved it. I gave her some of it. We were fighting over it. Also went to Walmart & had my hair trimmed an inch & 1/2 & it seems like she cut off way more than that. So I'm bummed out. It's just below my bra strap. I needed a trim. I haven't had it trimmed since Nov, but don't like the length. I'll add some pics this weekend. It looks a lot healthier. Also there was a plane crash near us & I missed it. I was just thinking last week that I'd like to see a plane crash. I know that sounds horrible. I'd want everyone to be okay of course. Oh, I almost forgot, Tara gave me a fat lip on Sunday night. It's really sore.


pam said...

Oh, now I am longing for a Shamrock shake. I sure hope they are available here this year. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not.

This is my first visit to your lovely blog. Nice to meet you!!

Stephanie E said...

#1 where was the crash?
#2 you love those shakes...that is soo funny!
#3 I love ACmore!

Bee and Rose said...

Shamrock shakes are delicious! Now I have to go get one!