Thursday, February 12, 2009

Early Valentine's day

We weren't planning on going out tonight. I cut out a coupon for Common man for tonight only, buy 1 entree get 1 free. Since we're all sick we were just going to go to Texas roadhouse on Sat & hope that we feel better. So A called at almost 6pm & said he'd be home in 10 minutes & asked if I wanted to go to C man. I said yes, but my throat has been killing me all day. I got into my Valentine's attire & did my make up. We got there & there was a 2 hr wait. Geez. We got there around 7. They said we could wait upstairs in the newly added on lounge/bar area & if a table was ready we could grab it. So we went up there & got a table in about 30 min. It was so packed that it took forever to get our meal & we filled up on crackers, cheese & bread (awesome bread I might add). I got the mac & cheese that was on the Phantom gourmet show(I got it last time too). Didn't get any wine since my throat is killing me. They gave us white choc that they give you at the end of every meal. If you're ever in NH check out Common man. It's awesome. There's more than 1 in NH. In our area we have lots of restaurants in old Barns. Very cool. We stopped at McDonald's after to get my Shamrock shake, but they said they haven't gotten them in yet. I was bummed.


Wendy said...

mmmmm....I love Common Man! I always get the mac n' cheese as well:)

Stephanie E said...

I've never been to the Common it in Windham??