Friday, August 5, 2011

Social parade follow on Friday

Smart and Trendy Moms

To participate.
* Follow the blog in the first spot. All blogs participating must post about Social Parade every week.
* Link-up your blog post for "It's a Social Parade" that you made on your blog. See the F.A.Q and Updates for help
* Follow as many as you like commenting on their POST as you do so they can follow back!
* If you do not make a post and link that up, it is unlikely that someone will search around for a post to comment on.

The Rules!
*Absolutely no links to other blog hops or hops like this!
*No Porn!
*No Giveaways!
*No other crap!
*These rules ensure a little bit of fun!

Click on the button on the top of this post to join in.


Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...

Love your blog name!! Thanks for stopping by I am following you now :)

Anonymous said...

No porn, no crap ... not from my site :) Stopping by (a little late from Smart Trendy Mom's Follow Friday Parade - and I am your newest follower. Hope you can stop by my place and return the favor soon :)