Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Nail Files. Week # 383

 I thought I would do a different look today. I had these polishes out next to each other & thought they'd look good together. The lighter blue is OPI-No Room for the Blues, darker blue is OPI-Tile art to warm your Heart & the reddish color is Orly-Hot shot.

Monday, August 2, 2021

New England Minute-Hampton Beach

We finally made it to Hampton beach yesterday. Our 1st time there this year. We had a lot of fun, but my feet & legs hurt from all the walking. I only ran on the beach to take a few pics.We just went in the shops & ate there. We'll be going back in a few weeks to stay over for a few days.


The beach was pretty empty. It was a chilly day. Usually the beach is filled with umbrellas.

We ate at this restaurant, Sea Ketch. We've been eating here the past few years. We ate outside on the 3rd floor.


The sky looked really cool when we drove home last night. I'm loving the earlier sunsets. I like around 7:30, so we are getting there.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

August goals


Happy August. The last month I like until May. I hope it goes by really slow.

My goals for the month:

1. Change the sheets.

2. Vacuum the stairs.

3 Drink more water. I've been doing good this year, but want to up it a bit.

4. Have drinks at the patio at Old school. A bar & grill in town.

5. Go to Tuscan Village. Beach plum. A new shopping/dining area near us.

6. Cook on the grill more.

7. Ride my bike.

8. Go for a walk.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Sitting kittens

We are kitten sitting 2 kittens this weekend. It's Tara's friend's kittens. The white & orange 1 is Jojo (I had a cat named Jojo for 15 years. This 1 is a boy) & Maisy (a girl) 



Saturday, July 24, 2021

New blooms

We have some flowers blooming. I got this top plant last year in June, it was given to me. I kept it inside the house all Winter. There are finally some flowers blooming on top. Everything is so late here blooming. No veggies or fruits yet, but the peppers are growing.


Friday, July 23, 2021

Friday Favorites. 7.23.21

 The weeks are going by so fast. Linking up with Andrea & Erika again this week.

1. Colourpop eye shadow palette. Fine Feathered is a purple palette. This is my 4th Colourpop palette & you always need to use another palette or eye shadow single to make it work. You need a lighter color or different shade for the brow. Most of their palettes are monochromatic.

2. Cellulite sponge. I got a gift card from my friend for my b-day, so I go this sponge. I've only used it once. I got lavender because that's all that they had, but there is a rose & citrus too. I probably would have gotten citrus.


3. Shave oil. I also go this Tree hut-Coconut lime shave oil. I don't love it because I'm used to things foaming up or lathering. It smells nice & my legs seemed smooth though.


4. Live in the moment. I'm trying to do this more. Don't get upset about Christmas in July, Back to school, Fall etc... We have a beautiful sunny day today & I want to enjoy that.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

What I'm reading now. Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer


Memorial Day weekend means that seasonal visitors have descended on the glamorous island of Nantucket. For year-round resident Darcy Cotterill, it means late-night stargazing in the backyard of the beautiful house she grew up in and inherited from her beloved grandmother. It’s also Darcy’s chance to hit the beach and meet her new summertime neighbors. But the last person the thirty-year-old librarian expects to see staying next door is her ex-husband, Boyz, along with his wife, Autumn, and stepdaughter, Willow.

Darcy must also navigate the highs and lows of a new romantic relationship with local carpenter Nash Forester even as she becomes smitten with handsome vacationer Clive Rush, a musicologist in town to write a book and visit family. And she finds herself pulled into the concerns of Boyz, Autumn, a charming elderly neighbor, and an at-risk teen.

As the season nears its end, Darcy must decide her next move: retreating to the comforts of her steady and secure island life, or risking it all for a chance at true happiness.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

She's 14 years old

 I took Tara & her friend to the mall today & she got some birthday freebies. She got a free drink from Dunkin donuts.

Free chips & sour cream from Chipolte. To bright out.

Free dry shampoo from Ulta.


We went to Friendly's with some friends. I got a salad & a regular small sundae.

Tara with her ice cream.

Flashback. Friendly's years ago.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Nail files. Week # 382


I got to go to Del Sol when we went to Bar Harbor. We don't have 1 near us. I've had their polishes before. It's supposed to turn colors, but it really doesn't work. Some have, but this 1 hasn't. Of course we haven't had much sun the past few weeks either. It's color is" Give me Space". I looked online before we went there & I had saved a picture of this. Then looked through 30 polishes there & ended up picking this 1 without realizing it. I saw the photo on my phone after. It's a pretty grayish-blue. The indoor sticker looks like a light gray. I would like to see what the green looks like. Maybe we'll have sun again someday & I can see what it looks like.