Thursday, April 14, 2011


A Mother's Daybook I got this idea from Supermom's blog. It is dark & quiet. That I miss my hubby so much & can't wait for him to get home tomorrow night. Looking forward to spending time with him this weekend.
My Dad. He helped so much this week with Tara while Anthony is away. The week would have really dragged without him here for a few days.

That it's okay if I can't get everything done on my to-do list.

A scrapbook with all the photos from this year so far. I just need to add the pages to the new book that I got this week.

To have a paraffin wax done on my nails/hands tomorrow. My 1st time ever.

Creating Keepsakes new issue.
That it doesn't rain on Saturday because we have the town Easter egg hunt.

The clicking of the computer keys.

Are tons of stickers, business cards, beads etc.. My daughter collects the strangest things.

Is Spring & I am looking forward to the warm days ahead.

School for Tara tomorrow.

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deb famularo said...

Such a creative post, and what a beauty at the very end!!!! xOxO