Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yum of the day

I recently tried Vitalicious muffin tops & brownies. I'd been trying to find them for a while. I finally found them in our local Market basket grocery store. I won this Super sampler pack below. I'm so excited to try some different flavors. I can only find the Deep chocolate muffin tops & brownies & the banana nut muffin tops in the stores near me. I'm addicted to the Deep choc muffin tops. They are 100 calories & packed with vitamins.


Six Feet Under Blog said...

I've seen muffin tops before and always wanted to try them. They look good! Im Friday following! lol

ProudTejana said...

hey there, stopping by from SITS. your little ones are adorable. i have a drama queen myself, she is now 18! have a great weekend.

sprinkles said...

These look tasty!