Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today we went to a benefit for a little boy. His Dad killed his Mom (in front of him) in Nov of 07. They have the benefit every year to raise $ for his trust fund. I only met her once, but my hubby knew her husband (that killed her) & knew her somewhat & 1 of my best friends was close friends with her.

They had fun things for the kids to do. She decorated a cookie. Made 2 necklaces. They also had face painting, but she didn't want to do that.

Danced a little bit.

Bad angle below.

p.s. We're having another rain/wind storm. We were home for about 30 min & the power went out 3x in a row, then went out longer (for about 3 or 4 minutes) then came back on. So I don't know if we'll lose it for good tomorrow. I hope not.


Tree said...

Oh how awful! My prayers go out to that little boy. Looks like your daughter had fun though. LOL We've had nothing but rain all day here too. YUCK!

Tree aka Mother of Pearl

Danielle said...

What a sad story.

So glad people are nice enough to help him out.


sprinkles said...

So sad about that little boy! I'm glad that people still attend the benefit for him each year and that they haven't forgotten about him.

I went to a benefit earlier this week too. It was to raise $ for a teenager shot by a 5 year old.

Hope your rain/wind storm has passed and that you didn't lose your power. It was nasty here yesterday, very windy. We got some snow too which melted pretty quickly. I had a fever so it was a good excuse to stay inside curled up with my little pups.