Thursday, March 4, 2010

Catching up on things

These are a few pics I took from over the weekend. These pics were taken Friday morning after the storm. You can see some of the tree that is down. Our neighbor helped Anthony move it over to the side, since it is his tree.

This is the driveway.

I got my 1st Shamrock shake for the season on Friday.

The hubs put a ceiling fan in our bedroom. We didn't have 1 in there & we really need more light in there.


Anonymous said...

I like your background!

I've never tried a shamrock shake, but I mean to every year....maybe I will this time!

sprinkles said...

I went to McD's for a Shamrock shake and was so excited because even though I've never had one before, I could practically taste it! Aaaand, they aren't available here yet. :( They won't be for another couple of weeks. Such a disappointment!!! So I got a strawberry shake instead.

Your backyard looks huge!

Velvet Over Steel said...

Love you pictures!! Following you from Friday Follow! Have a great weekend! ~ Coreen