Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stuck inside

It's been raining here all day (heavy rain. more flooding downstairs). I stayed in all day. So I decided to put our Spring tablecloth on today. Anthony hates it, but T & I like it & that's 2 against 1. If JoJo could talk I'm sure she'd like it too. So it is staying out for a few weeks.

I changed the shower curtain in the upstairs bathroom. It has ladybugs, flowers & bees on it.

I'm also making chicken chili. I saw it on Rachael Ray (the daytime tv show). Tonight will be the 1st time that I've made it. It's all ready to be cooked.

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Jenglamgirl said...

mmmmm~ CHICKEN CHILI? i MAY have to log onto food network for that one. Cute shower curtain too. Have a good night, keep warm and dry from the rain! ;) JGG