Thursday, January 8, 2015

What's your plan?

I got 2 planners for 2015. I got them both at Target. The little 1 is for my purse. I need to start decorating my pages. I haven't had time lately. I'm okay with cheapish planners. I know some people spend a lot of $ on them. I really don't have the $ for that. But the week goes so fast. I usually keep my planners & calendars, so I know when I had my hair cut or had a doctor's appointment. How many planners & calendars do you have? Have you ever gotten an expensive planner?

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Ashley B. said...


I'm new to your blog but figured I would leave a quick message. Planners are my life! With everything as hectic as it can get sometimes I dont know where I would be without one. I don't bother buying the expensive ones. Target has some really cute ones and as long as it doesnt take up too much valuable space in my purse Im alright. I also have 2. 1 for at home and 1 in my purse to keep track of everything and my husband can see whats going on too with the one at home.

Happy Friday!