Saturday, January 31, 2015

Nail Files. Week # 190

I was really excited to try my new China glaze mini polish called My Way or the Highway. The bottle was half empty (half full?) & it was all thick. I had put it on my pointer finger, but had to take it off because it looked so horrible. So this polish was in a box, so I'm not sure what happened to it. There were 5 minis in the box & the others seem fine, but I haven't used them all though. But they look full. The grayish color is Wet n' Wild Fergie~Heels of Steel & the purple is Essie~No More Film.

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jennie said...

Oh no!! I wonder what happened? What a disappointment. Still love what you did though. A great variety of pretty colours!

aka Bailey said...

That's a drag about the funky polish but great use of other pretty colors!