Thursday, May 3, 2012

May is a busy month

Photo via Pinterest

We have First of the month at our neighbors tomorrow night (margaritas), a pot luck on Saturday, my Aunt & Uncle's 50th anni on Sunday. Then Parent/teacher meeting (evaluation for T), Teddy bear picnic (at her new school), volunteering at her school, Picture day for dance recital, Parent/teacher orientation for Kindergarten, 31 party, Kindergarten testing for T, Tara will be the special helper & they'll be celebrating her July b-day, scrapbooking club, Last day of pre-school & graduation, a 1 year old cutie's b-day party, Memorial day parade, Our 6 year anni & strawberry cutting for the strawberry festival. Wow that's a lot. I love being busy, but I wish I wasn't so exhausted all-the-time.

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