Saturday, May 14, 2011

Times they change

So last night we went to the concert. We got there kind of late. We checked into our hotel. We had a cool balcony, but didn't really get to spend time on it. This is a pic of us on it.

After the show.

Jeff Keith (the singer)

I've been going to concerts since I was 12. My Dad use to take me & my friends. I told Tara that someday we will taking her & her friends. Last night it was just all "old" people. 30 & up (I'm 40). The last concert we went to had a mixture of ages. They searched my purse & I was afraid that they would say something about my bright pink camera, but the guy didn't even notice. I remember in the 80's they would take the camera away from you or make you put it in the car. So I went to the side of the stage & was taking pictures & a security guard saw me with the camera & she didn't say anything. Times do change. I guess with all the camera phones & all that they can't really worry too much about taking photos.

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