Friday, May 13, 2011

Annoyed with Blogger & what we've been up to lately

I was trying to sign in to blogger last night & today & I'm in finally. I'm sure you all had trouble too. We've been really busy lately. This week was busy & next week will be too. Yesterday we went to the mall & rode the carousel.

I didn't go in the teacup with her because I know that I get sick just from riding on the carousel. I got these Freebies from BBW.

Tonight we are going away for a concert. Tesla for anyone who is into Rock n' roll. We're staying overnight. Tomorrow is our Mom group's town yard sale & I will miss it. I'm bummed out. My friend took a few of our baby things & is going to try to sell them for us. My Dad is going to bring T. Next week I'm bringing Tara to her 1st movie in a movie theater. We're going to see Olivia.

Now Twitter is down. Ugh.


blueviolet said...

I haven't thought of Tesla in ages. Have a great time!

Nichole said...

They did an update and messed up everything.. my posts from yesterday are still MIA.

sprinkles said...

I got my BBW stuff yesterday too but they didn't put them in a pretty bag like that this time. Kind of surprised me because they've done it all the other months.

I got comments yesterday but couldn't approve them because blogger was down. Then when I tried to approve them today, I got a message saying the comments didn't exist. WTF?

Have fun seeing Tesla.