Saturday, November 22, 2014

This & That

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next Thursday? We are getting ready to host at our house again this year. It will be a short week, next week. Tara has school Monday & Tuesday & then is off for the rest of the week. It looks like it might snow on Wednesday & we might have some friends come over. I feel like I might be getting a cold. My nose has been stuffy & so itchy. I feel like I am breathing dust. My throat is scratchy. So I stayed in today & did some housework & caught up on a few shows on the dvr, "Vanderpump Rules" & "Housewives of Beverly Hills". I had a zinc & Emergen C drink. I'm going to stay in again tomorrow & rest up for the upcoming week. Our X-mas cards shipped this morning, so I will be working on those this week & mailing them out soonish. I'd like to wait until Dec. 1st to mail them out. I mail photo cards 1st & then regular cards once I run out. I need to get a few more gifts to mail out to friends in other states. I want to get them out early this year. So that is it for now. Hope you are all having a great weekend!!!

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sprinkles said...

I had such high hopes for all of the things I wanted to do this weekend. And I've done almost none of them. :(

Oh well... I have the coming week off from school and work, so I still have time.