Sunday, November 2, 2014

Anheuser-Busch Brewery tour

A few months ago I got an e mail from Andie from Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis. She wanted to know if we wanted to do a tour of the Merrimack, NH factory. She sent us a pretty glass with an Eagle on it & a leather journal to get excited for our tour. She also sent us a $250 Visa gift card. That was so nice of her. I'm a sahm (stay at home Mom), so we are on 1 income. I used it for food shopping a few weeks in a row.


So we did our tour on October 5th. We arrived at the factory & met up with a lady named Carla. She escourted us to the Clydesdale Hamlet. She introduced us to a few people that worked there & a photographer. Then led us to the Cydesdales & a horse named Victor. He had on red & white ribbons & bows, all dressed up for us to have our photo with him. I've never had such VIP treatment before.

This is our photo that we got with him. This will be on our Christmas card this year. He was very sweet & so soft. You can see how big he is compared to us. We got some photos & magnets.

These are some handmade leather harnesses.

We saw a Clydesdale named Charlie.

We also met the dalmation mascot named Bud.We had a hard time getting a photo of him because he was really peppy.

They have a wagon room. These are some of the orginal wagons that delivered the first case of non-prohibition beer to President Roosevelt. They were built around 1900.

They have a hops garden to show what they look like. It doesn't grow very big around here though.

We took a tour of the inside of the factory.

It was fun seeing all the bottles go by. It reminded me of "Laverne & Shirley". Tara had no idea, who I was talking about.

They have a pub area called the Hospitality room. So we each got to try 2 samples. I tried Johnny Appleseed, like a hard cider & Stella Artois. I really liked the Johnny Appleseed. Anthony tried the Johnny Appleseed & a Pumpkin Ale. He liked both of them. Great, for this time of year.

Tara loved her pretzels & fruit punch.

It was a cloudy/misty day. They also had a dog adoption day going on & some fun events.

This is Big Scott, a statue outside.

We got a Clydesdale for Tara & when we were leaving, Carla handed her a gift bag. It had a Clydesdale & a dalmation dog in it. It was so nice & she was so happy. She named 1 Clydesdale Victor & the other Charlie & of course the dalmation is named Bud. They sleep in bed with her every night.


You can have a fun family day visiting the Clydesdales, taking a tour of the factory & checking out the gift shop. There are brewery tours in St. Louis, MO, Fairfield, CA, Jacsonville, FL, Fort Collins, CO & Merrimack, NH. We live about 20-25 minutes from the Merrimack Brewery. We had been there a few years ago in the Springtime for a Rocking Ribfest. They have different events throughout the year. You can check out the tours at Budweiser tours. Thanks to Andie & Carla for a fun time.

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sprinkles said...

I did the Coors tour several years ago, but it was nothing like this!