Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Random stuff

Well I was going to do Wordless Wednesday today, but I can get my photos to open on here, so I can't add any. I guess this will be Wordful Wednesday. Lately I've had so much trouble with my computer & ipod. I really depend on both of them so much. It's hard when new apps won't upload on the ipod because I don't have enough space or when my computer kicks me out of aol, when I'm in the middle of something because we need a new router. It's hard to get anything done. I didn't do a blog post last night & really don't want to skip 1 tonight because of a moody computer. Anyway, Friday is our anniversary, but Anthony has a few meetings on Friday, so we are going out tomorrow instead. We never go out for lunch during his work-time. My birthday is a month from today. yay. I'm not happy about the getting older part, but I love birthdays.

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