Thursday, May 22, 2014

Busy days

There's been so much going on lately. Appointments, a fish that might be sick, a cat that went to the vet yesterday for her yearly check-up & had a spot shaved on her back so they could snip a bit of her wart. Poor girl. I have tons of notebooks, to-do list pads, day planners etc... Like 4 calendars hanging up & I still can't keep up with things. Today we were at dance class & I reserved the dance recital tickets on Sunday since we had a bunch of things going on that day. I went up to the desk to get the tickets & the lady told me they don't take credit cards, only cash or check. I guess if I had read the papers about the tickets I would have known that. I sometimes skim through things & miss some details. I only have 1 kid & feel overwelmed with all of her stuff going on.

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Amy - Louise said...

I so feel the same at the moment - I can't keep up with everything! Hope you can relax a bit this weekend and the pets are well!