Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My fave beauty products for Winter

FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 is great if you are outside in the cold. It really feels like it protects your lips. 

I bought this cream not too long ago. I put on our bathroom counter, so I remember to use it after I wash my hands. I also use it on my feet & legs.

I use the Rose salve in the Winter on my lips at bedtime.

I use Aquaphor everynight before I go to bed. It's really thick & a little greasy, so I mostly use it at night. But when I gets cold here & dry inside from having the heat on, my fingers crack & bleed. So I try to start using this in September.

What are your favorite Winter beauty products?

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Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Right now, I am loving Yes To... moisturizers and EOS lip balm :-)