Sunday, December 30, 2012

What I'm looking forward to in 2013

January~That's a hard 1, I hate January (January makes me think of being stuck in the house because of the snow & having cabin fever)
February~Heart day (that's what Tara calls Valentine's day)
March~Spring & Girl's scrapbooking weekend at that gorgeous cabin that we stayed at last year
April~Warmer weather
May~Our 7 year wedding anniversary
June~My Birthday & our Summer vacation (Maybe Bar Harbor or  Montreal & Quebec city)
July~Tara's 6th birthday (6 really? Where did time go?)
August~Celebrating the last days of Summer
September~Back to school all day for Tara (the bad thing is that means I might have to get a job)
October~Anthony's birthday
November~Seeing family on Thanksgiving (even though I don't like the food)
December~Getting ready to start a new year (hopefully a lot healthier & more organized)

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Katherine Phillips said...

You have a lot of great things to look forward too.