Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just another 1 of those days

Last night we headed out for a Girl's night. I was switching to a smaller purse & I realized that I had lost my license. This was around 5:30. So I was panicking & looking all over for it. I did go to Dunkin donuts to get another free Coolata & ran in with my license in my back pocket (in case they wanted me to show it). This was on Tuesday & I didn't notice till last night that it was missing. So I ran into Dunks on the way to the restaurant & asked if they found a license & they didn't. So We went to the restaurant. They have never asked me for my ID there, but I knew they would since I didn't have it with me. Of course they did. The waitress got the manager over & she said that she couldn't serve me since she he waitress id me. So embarassing. So I ended up drinking a coke & had wine when we got home. I did find my license today. It was in the dryer. It must have fallen out of my pocket. I checked the washer last night, but didn't take everything out to look. I wish I had. I seem to always have 1 of those days.

My friends Marion & Jay gave me this cute Birthday wine glass.

I got some really cute cards too.


Natalie said...

Oh I love it!! What a great idea to give to girlfriends on their birthdays...we always go out for drinks on our bdays so it would be perfect!

forty-something chick said...

Love the wine glass! I would use that every night, uh....I mean anytime I drink wine!

I have left my license in my back pocket SO many times, and am always amazed that I find it undamaged!

Ca88andra said...

Happy Birthday! Just found your blog. I think it would be awesome to be asked for ID!

Stacey said...

I absolutely love this glass! I'm so jealous! I wish I got one!