Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday JoJo

Today my baby turns 13. We're never usually around for her b-day cause we usually go away for my b-day the next day (I always feel so guilty leaving her on her b-day). So today she will get some special treatment. Catnip, a brushing, some string play.

All these photos were taken today.


blueviolet said...

JoJo is a very pretty cat!

T.J. said...

happy birthday Jojo- you're cute!

Saw your birthday wine glass in that last post- a friends of mine got me a pregnancy one a while back and I still love to use it- the thing is nice and deep!!!!

sprinkles said...

How sweet! Last year I bought gifts for my chi's b-day. I don't know Shiver's exact birthdate but I do know Chico's since it's on his official registration papers. They were born about the same time though so I celebrated them on the same day. Well, everyone told me I had more money than sense!