Sunday, May 23, 2010

Too many hobbies

I've recently realized that I have too many hobbies & no time to do them. I have other things I would like to start doing, even though I already don't have time for the hobbies that I love.

Hobbies that I have
1) Writing to pen pals
2) Scrapbooking
3) Blogging
4) Entering giveaways
5) Reading blogs
6) Reading mags

Things I want to do
1) Journal things that make me happy
2) Start writing in a journal again
3) Work on the family tree
4) Read books
5) Make cards for different occasions

What are your hobbies & how do you find time to do them? When do you usually do them?


Danielle said...

I have lots of hobbies too. I know it may not be realistic for some, but I always find myself staying up really late trying to fit everything in. LOL

sprinkles said...

You said you want to journal about things that make you happy. Well, it's not exactly journaling but every Friday I join in on Half Full Friday and post some of the things that made me happy during the past week. That would fit in with your blogging hobby.

Claudia said...

Hi Kimberley, my No. 1 hobby is playing the sax. I also like to read and comment on other peoples blog ;=) and I love biking.
As I work 100% and have 3 teenage kids at home, it's not always easy to find time for what I love to do - but I go to work by bike and when I come home from work, I disappear in our bedroom and play 30 minutes on my Sax. Then I'm ready to cope with family issues :=)

Nichole said...

The list is always too long, right? I esp love knitting because its portable and not only can you take it anywhere, it fills otherwise "down" time when you might want to do something (i.e. riding in the car, watching TV, sitting at your other half's racing... lol)