Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New firepit

Last week when Anthony was off from work he built a firepit. Yesterday he burned a ton of wood in it from all the branches that fell down over the Winter & Spring.

He found this cute frog while he was making the firepit.

Toasting marshmallows.

Marshmallow on the nose.

His go-tee is back. Hopefully not for long.

Looking forward to lots of cookouts & smores around the firepit this Summer.


sprinkles said...

That little frog is cute!

Mmm, frosted marshmallows! Haven't had those in a really long time!

I don't mind the goatee.

Mama Hen said...

I am following you now also. I put you in favorites. I love the pictures! I have not had a roasted marshmellow in a long time!! yummy! the frog is so cute. My daughter would have loved to have found that froggie!

Mama Hen

Mama Hen said...

I hate typos! Did I spell marshmallow wrong? Ugh! Anyway, great blog!

Claudia said...

This is just a lovely fireplace

Judy said...

How fun! I would love a fire pit!

The frog is super cute too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.