Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New England vacation spots

I'm already thinking about our Summer vacation. We were hoping to go to VA to see some friends & relies, but 1 of my main friends I was gonna visit might be moving to FL. We'd also have to drive & it's 12 or more hrs away. So I'm trying to think of a cool place in New England that we could go to for a few days. We've been to Bar Harbor, Maine 3x, York beach, Maine, Cape cod a few times, Martha's vineyard. So we'd like somewhere diff, with lots of shops, restaurants & maybe near the water. Maybe Old orchard beach? I haven't been there for years, but don't think there's much there. Or North conway. Any ideas? I've been pretty much everywhere in New England. I mean I've been to every state & all the East coast states. We'll prob do North conway. I know there's a really cool hotel there, but it's expensive. Each suite is a diff theme. Like the jungle room, log cabin. I thought of the mansions in RI too. I know we have a long while to decide.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

It's not near the water, but my husband and I loved taking a trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire - we went to Santas village and Storyland - fun with small kids, but I think they have parks for some older kids, too in the area and plenty of other stuff to do as well.

Wendy said...

We love Ogunquit Beach in Maine! It's beautiful, near the water, and lots to do! There is a beautiful walk that goes along the ocean. If you look in my June and August 2008 archives you can see some pictures from when we went.

We also love Burlington, VT. It's not near the ocean (obviously), but it's a college town with lots of culture. There is also a fabulous children's museum! Let me know if you want any more infor on eithe rplace

Stephanie E said...

I second Jen E.....I love love love love love North Conway! lol! The mountains are so nice!

Chris said...

I am thinking about summer vacation too. I just want winter to be over.

Small House said...

I wish I had some an idea for you. That would mean I'd have been to the New England area. I haven't. But...If you every want to go to Yellowstone, I know Yellowstone. HAHAHAHA
Florida sound wonderful too.
Have fun!!