Thursday, July 6, 2017

Stuff & Things

*This past week was a bit crazy. I had dropped my ipod touch & the button on the bottom was stuck in. I found out online how to temporary fix it. So I brought it to Apple & they gave me a new 1 for $80. So hopefully no more problems with my ipod.
*I'm on for the root canal on Tuesday. The dentist said that he thinks that's for the best instead of having the tooth pulled. I didn't want it pulled.
*We got a cool new gazabo/screenhouse for our yard. It's great because mosquitos love me & I hate them. So I can sit outside & not get bit. We need to get lights for it.
*My Dad is turning 80 tomorrow. We are having the party at an outdoor place in Salem, MA. It's suppose to rain. Hopefully it will stop by like 4:00.

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