Thursday, July 20, 2017

Getting Organized

I have been trying to get the house organized. T has been over our neighbor's house a lot this week. They went to the beach a few times with her friend & her babysitter. So I've had more time to get house stuff done.

*I'm starting a trashbag of clothes that don't fit anymore & got rid of some magazines today. I have lots more to go through.

*Tomorrow I will be going through my nail polishes. Getting rid of 1s that are dryed up & I just don't like the colors anymore. Some polishes look prettier in the bottle before you use them.

*Next week I want to go through my armoire & pull everything out & decide what clothes I want to keep. I know there's a lot of old stuff in there & a lot of it doesn't fit.

Wish Me Luck.

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