Saturday, March 15, 2014

Trying to be gluten-free

So I've been trying to be gluten-free since October. I'm having a really hard time lately. I never know what to make for dinner, since we all like different things. My daughter & I are both picky. I feel like I end up eating the same things all-the-time because I know they are safe to eat. I make 3 different meals for each of us at times & it's hard. I'm trying to find more recipes on Pinterest & will be posting more on here. I don't have Celiac, but have a Gluten-intolerance & IBS. I want to be healthy & not have my stomach bother me or have itchy rashes. I've heard so many things go away after being gluten-free, asthma, allergies, rashes & lots more things. I think it's a good thing, but hard to follow. I sometimes feel like I am doing good & then find out that there is gluten in the product or it was made at a factory, that is made with wheat & other ingredients. So I will keep trying.

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Ashly Eyler said...

The fact that you're trying to be gluten free, in a not-so-friendly gluten free world, is amazing! So props to you! Have you tried using Pinterest to locate yummy gluten free recipes? That might be able to help you diversify your diet. Good luck, hun!