Saturday, January 18, 2014

Surprise snowstorm

We had a bunch of things planned for today, lunch with my Dad, Birthday party for 1 of Tara's friends & we were going to see our friend's band. Well we woke up & it started snowing. Really big snowflakes & it added up quick. I didn't even know that it was suppose to snow. So I called my Dad in Massachusetts & told him not to come up (he was going to sleep over, so we could go see our friend's band). It was raining where he is. so I e mailed my friend & told her that we couldn't go see her hubby's band. Then the b-day party was postponed until tomorrow. We already have plans to go to our friend's house to watch the game, the same time as the b-day party. Tara's friend's Mom said she would bring Tara with her, so I'm happy about that. She can still go to the party. It is a disco dance party with strobe lights & a disco ball. I'm kind of bummed out that we won't get to see the kids dancing, but hopefully my friend will take some pics.

Here are a few pics from today.

The snow on our deck.

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