Thursday, January 23, 2014

Keeping warm

It's been really cold here this week. It was 1 degree this morning when we went down to the bottom of the driveway to wait for the school bus. Today we have a high of 19. So I usually dress in layers, sometimes I wear 3 sweaters & my coat. I have a lot of itchy sweaters, I'm wearing 1 today. I really should get rid of a few of the itchy 1s.

I have on my Bear Paw boots today (I also love my Uggs). At night, I sleep in warm pjs & 2 pairs of socks. I think 5 blankets & electric blanket on 8. On the weekends we use the wood stove. We have a fireplace that has never been used. Hubby pinky swore that we would use it this Winter. I think, for Valentine's day.
It also helps having a cute cat to cuddle with.

Photos from Pinterest.

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