Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Word(ish) Wednesday

Lately I've been thinking how we're not the most perfect parents ever. Yesterday kind of proved my point. T went to the denist & she has 2 cavities @ 4 years old, does that happen? I don't think kids usually get cavities that young. I don't remember how old I was when I had my 1st one. Since day 1 brushing her teeth has been a fight. Most nights she gets punished for not brushing good. We even got her a cute spin brush that she got to decorate with stickers. That helped for about a week. She has to go back to the dentist in December to have the cavities filled. 2 different days. They will give her laughing gas & want to try to keep it positive. I'm hoping that once she goes to have them filled it will make her want to brush & floss, so this won't happen again.

Other things we're not so great about,
1. Veggies-She pretty much eats no veggies now. we do try to get her to eat them & she does take a mulivitamin.

2. Baths-She usually has 3 a week, the nights before school.

3. Sleep-She goes to bed late. We've been doing a bit better with this. Her bed-time is 9pm. Somtimes it's 9;30-9:45.

4. Cleaning up after herself. We really need to work on this. I think she will someday be on the show Hoarders since she keeps every straw, smartie wrapper, collects rocks, leaves, sticks, etc...

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Jennifer said...

Don't you worry about any of that! Is your child alive? Safe? Loved? Healthy? Happy? If you answered 'yes' to these questions you're golden! :-)