Friday, October 7, 2011

Need to scrapbook soon

Photo via Pinterest

Lately I've been wanting to scrapbook so bad. I have so many photos & things put aside to scrapbook, but haven't had the time. I just recently found out about a thing called Smashbook. People keep saying that they were around in high school, maybe it was after my time. I remember slam books (not sure if that is the same thing). When I got older I exchanged those with pen pals. I'm not sure if I could do a smash book because I like everything to be in order of when it happened. I need to watch some tutorials on smashbooks. I might try making my own. Does anyone know if AC Moore or any of those stores have them? I know some places are selling out of them. Tara was saying how 1 of her friends brought in her scrapbook today for show & tell. So I'm hoping I can get her back into scrapbooking & then I can do it while she is doing hers. I was looking at an Avon book tonight & she saw a ton of pjs, bracelets, clothes & even a sleeping bag that she wanted. So I ripped them out & told her that she can scrapbook them. Also her teacher said that all the kids need to practice with scissors (kids 1s of course), so that will help with that. I hate when I have so many ideas & hobbies that I want to do & they never get done. I can't seem to finish anything. 1st I need to print more photos & get ink for my printer. Hubs is off till Wednesday, so I'm hoping 1 day I can scrapbook. We also might have our scrapbooking club next week. I would also love to do some mini books. Those would be so much faster to finish. I wish I had started all of this a long time ago.

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