Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New England minute

Here are a few photos from over the weekend of the changing leaves. We didn't get out much since we weren't feeling very good & A is working on the bathroom. Friday after school we went to 1 of Tara's friend's b-day parties. The weather was really nice.

This was taking at the b-day party. She has blue teeth from having a blue lolly pop.

I brought T to the doc yesterday & she has an ear infection (her 1st 1). So she is on antibiotics & missed school yesterday. Today I went to the doc & they just said that I have a virus & to take cough med & Tylenol. Hoping that we feel better for the weekend for the fair. The weather is suppose to be really nice. We've had heavy rains all day today. My old town in MA that I lived in is flooded as usual.

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