Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I wish there were more hours in the day

Lately things have been really busy around here. Now I have a lovely Fall cold too. Yuck. I did finally start some house organizing today, while T was in school. I'm really behind in things. I have 3 reviews to do & I have to write up a thing for our Mom club about our social (I'm the secretary). I'm hoping to figure out some type of daily schedule. Maybe that will help me get back on track & get caught up on everything. Does anyone have any suggestions on balancing everything? Life, Motherhood, blogging, etc... I've really been wanting to start reading again & have a book from the library & some magazines that I need to get to. I wish I was 1 of those people that could go on 5 hrs sleep. I'm so not though. I need about 10 hrs & get about 8.

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Tahnks for stoppin gin. I hope you find some extra time to get all your stuff completed!!

Colleen said...

The more there is to do, the faster the time seems to melt away. I'm drowning in "to-dos." Advice on balancing it all is something I don't have. I'm a clutz...with everything. :) I hope you get it all sorted out and find some time for that book. Let me know how you do it!