Friday, September 16, 2011

Colonoscopy & cooler days

Today I went for my 1st colonoscopy. My Dad had colon cancer back in 98. He's fine now. I've been trying to get a colonoscopy for about 10 years. They said that I had to wait till I was 50 because he got it when he was 60 & I had to wait till 10 years before the age that he got it. I've been having stomach probs, mostly that just seem to be IBS. I need to do lots more research on IBS. I need to figure out what foods I have to cut down on & all that. So anyway, back to the colonoscopy. I drank all the yucky stuff (last night & again this morning). My Dad drove me to the appointment. They were running behind. I was suppose to have it done at 11:45 & they didn't start till 12:52. The waiting made me more nervous. I kept staring at the clock. They gave me a heated blanket (how cool). It was freezing in there. I got to keep my wedding ring on, but took all my other jewelry off (all 7 studs from my ears. I had more, but they all get sore when I wear earrings in them) & I kept the ring that I have in my inner ear in (I've never taken it out & never will). I had a nice dream while I was put asleep for the procedure. I woke up & they gave me some ginger ale. My Dad had to leave & get my daughter from school. So they came in soon after I woke up. Before that, my doc came in & said that they had found a pollup. It was flat (not sure, exactly what that means. Maybe it was new & just starting to grow. I have a follow up appointment with my doc in a week). So they sent that off to have a biopsy done on it. I'm glad that I had it done & didn't wait till I was 50. It was chilly today. I wore my Bearpaw boots for the 1st time this Fall. My nose & hands are so cold right now. I have 2 pairs of socks on & I think I'm turning my electric blanket on tonight.


AB HOME Interiors said...

My brother in law just had his first one too. They found several pollups so he has to have them removed. I guess we should be thankful we have preventative measures like these today, but it doesnt make age very mush fun!

Unknown Mami said...

I'm glad you had it done too. I'm keeping you in my thoughts.