Monday, September 5, 2011

Easter candy in September?

Yes, sad to say, but we do still have some Easter candy left (Halloween candy from last year too). I really need to eat it or throw it away or I could just save it for a special occasion. I had planned on saving the peeps (the pink 1s) & making smores, but that hasn't happened yet.


sprinkles said...

I have peeps in the freezer.

Colleen said...

You're not the only one!
After the first few days we put all the Easter candy in a container and put in the cabinet. It got pushed to the back and completely forgotten about. I just found it a few days ago (don't judge me for not cleaning out my cabinets for 5 mos! :) Now I know why it was forgotten; there's no chocolate in there, just all that colored sugary stuff like jelly beans and sweet tarts. To the trash!