Thursday, July 21, 2011

She's finally 4

Today was Tara's real birthday (since Saturday was just her fake birthday). I tried to make it fun for her. I made some blueberry buckle cake this morning (she ended up not even having any), she got a gc to Build a bear, so I took her there & she made a ballerina bear, that she named Sparkley. We met Anthony @ a consignment store (we needed to get her some tap shoes for her dance camp) & ended up getting her a bunch of clothes (some school clothes too). We went to Wendys for lunch with Daddy (we were going to go to Fuddruckers, but he was running late, so we did something quicker). We came home for an hr & 1/2 & then we to our friend Lea's house. She had out a blow up pool with a slide combo. She had so much fun & was so happy to see her friends on her b-day. Anthony took her to the park for a while, when he got home from work. Happy birthday to my little girl.


Nichole said...

Happy 4th T!

Brandy said...

Happy 4th!! My sons will be 3 & 5 in a couple weeks (August 13 & 19)