Sunday, July 24, 2011

Does anyone else do this?

Check out other girls? No, not that way. But I've noticed lately that I stare @ fashionable woman that I see out & about. Today I was in Walmart & a woman walked by & my head spun around. I was thinking "OMG, that vest/shirt is so adorable". There was another girl that I was behind in line & she had a really cool, handwritten tattoo on her shoulderblade & I was trying to get close enough to read it. I never did get to read it all because I didn't want to look like a weirdo staring at her shoulderblade. I think it's mostly because I blog & am use to looking at "lookbook posts" & I'm always seeing people go by with cute purses, sandles, shirts, cool colors of nailpolish & if I like it, I want to know where I can get it. I'm spoiled with being able to read blogs & have people post where the got their clothes & accesories. So does anyone else do this? Please tell me that I am not alone. Now Tara started asking me before she sees her b/f, Samantha, "I wonder what Samantha will be wearing today". So maybe it isn't just me.


Lucy said...

I check out what other women are wearing all the time!

blueviolet said...

Of course, they're great inspiration for ourselves!

Brandy said...

Of course. I am always curious about people :-)